Services Provided
  • Access to higher education and/or career training
  • Weekly life skills workshops
  • Monthly support groups
  • Intensive case management meetings, weekly, with Family Advocate
  • Network of community resources
  • Volunteer mentoring
  • 18 years of age or older
  • Custody of one or more minor children
  • Homeless or imminently at risk of homelessness
  • Income of 30% of AMI or less
  • Willing and able to pursue education or job training
  • Able to provide proof of income
  • Working or diligently pursuing employment
  • Frederick County resident
  • Eligible for public housing
CITI Supports Advocates for Homeless Families

January 19, 2009
Contact: Jeanne Russell, 301/662-2003, ext. 14

Frederick, MD – CITI recently donated $5,000 in support of Financial Education to Advocates for Homeless Families’ participants. According to Ellen Prete, Community Relations Officer, "CITI is pleased to partner with Advocates to provide their clients with the financial education tools they will need to succeed. Knowledge is your greatest asset, and Advocates' program staff empowers their clients to make sound financial decisions for themselves and their family."

Through its Transitional Housing and Families Forward programs Advocates provides life skills education and incorporates financial literacy as part of the curriculum. “The success of our mission and families is supported through remarkable partnerships and generous donors such as CITI,” said Jeanne Russell, Executive Director, Advocates for Homeless Families, Inc. “It is through these valuable connections that, as a community, we can together work toward overcoming homelessness.”

Advocates for Homeless Families’ mission is to empower motivated families to overcome homelessness. Families achieve success through a structured two-year program of education, housing, and support services. For more information: 301/662-2003

For more information: 301/662-2003

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