Services Provided
  • Access to higher education and/or career training
  • Weekly life skills workshops
  • Monthly support groups
  • Intensive case management meetings, weekly, with Family Advocate
  • Network of community resources
  • Volunteer mentoring
  • Frederick County, MD resident
  • 18 years of age or older
  • Children who live with parent/guardian at minimum part-time (legal documentation may be required)
  • Clean from illegal drugs for the past six months and sober from alcohol use if history of alcohol abuse
  • Not currently on methadone
  • Willing to pursue an education and/or job training
  • Proof of all income to determine eligibility
  • Proof of working diligently to pursue employment
Board of Directors . . .
  • Doug Stone, President
  • Darlene Aulls, Vice President
    [email protected]
  • Jan Samet O’Leary, Secretary
  • Treasurer, Vacant
  • Melissa Matesa
  • Dan Lajewski
  • Kendall Camuti
  • Katie O Schwartz
Advisory Counsel . . .
  • Andrew DiPasquale